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  • MPCV-02W叠加式液控单向阀MPCV-03W保压阀MPCV-02AB液压锁


油研电磁阀DSG-03-3C2-DL-D24 DSG-03-3C6-DL-A220 2B2 3C3 3C4

Product description: because the hydraulic series of products are numerous, all many products may be different on the drawing.

Friendly tip: in order to ensure that you do not delay the normal use and production of buyers,

Therefore, the buyer shall explain the specifications, models and voltage to the customer service before buying.

Freight description: because the weight of the baby is different, it is difficult for us to set the freight when uploading the baby. So when we release baby, we use the freight template; This leads to the set freight and actual freight discrepancy, specific freight please contact customer service when buying baby; Take baby after contact customer service to modify the freight, so as not to delay shipping freight. Some products in our store can be delivered free of charge. Some products can't be delivered free of charge.